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  • Welcome to Pai Raiturkar Clinic which is well known for providing state-of-art Spine Speciality and Obstetrics & Gynecology Services in Pune. The clinic is managed by Dr. Pradyumna Pai Raiturkar.

    Dr. Pradyumna is amongst the best spine specialists in Pune. He is an expert spine surgeon in Pune who is dedicated to treating spine conditions ranging from common spine problems such as herniated disc or slipped disc and spinal stenosis to rare disorders of spine. A highly trained spine surgeon, Dr. Raiturkar is focused on providing surgical excellence in various spine surgeries such as minimal invasive discectomy, minimal invasive decompressions, percutaneous screw fixations, laminectomy, cervical spine discectomy, cervical laminoplasty, cervical spinal fusion, lumbar spinal fusion, disc replacement, spinal instrumentation, kyphosis corrections, scoliosis corrections, TB spine treatment, spine tumor removal, foraminotomy, corpectomy, kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty etc. His major interest includes endoscopic spine surgery. Dr. Pradyumna believes in delivering world class spine care, which is both safe and predictable. This is the reason he is frequently sought after for advise by patients suffering from low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, scoliosis, spinal disc problems and various other spine related symptoms & signs from various parts of Pune as well as by international patients.

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Dr. Pradyumna Pai Raiturkar|Spine Surgery, Orthopedics|Prabhat Road, Pune
Dr. Pradyumna Pai Raiturkar
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We diagnose various ailments and diseases and offer specialized treatments or perform procedures to help you tackle your condition better or recover faster.
Send us enquiry to know more about any specific treatment or procedure that you are looking for.
Some of the procedures routinely done at our clinic are listed below.

Excision or destruction of lesion of spinal cord or spinal meninges Contact For Price
Lumbar Facetectomy Contact For Price
Anterior Cervical Discectomy Contact For Price
Lumbar Discectomy Contact For Price
Revision or replacement of artificial spinal disc prosthesis Contact For Price
Insertion of spinal disc prosthesis Contact For Price
Excision of intervertebral disc Contact For Price
Laser Discectomy Contact For Price
Discography Contact For Price
Percutaneous Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty Contact For Price
Vertebroplasty Contact For Price
Atlas-axis spinal fusion Contact For Price
Spinal fusion Contact For Price
Laminoplasty Contact For Price

Facilities & Services

Outpatient Services
Outpatient Services
Specialist OPD
Superspecialist OPD
Physiotherapy Services
Counseling Services
Pathology Sample Collection
Health Check Ups
Minor Procedures
Spine Endoscopy Services
Spine Endoscopy Services
Cervical Spine Endoscopy
Thoracic Spine Endoscopy
Lumbar Spine Endoscopy
Spine Laser Treatment Facilities
Spine Laser Treatment Facilities
Laser Assisted Endoscopic Surgery
Laser Assisted Microscopic Surgery
Spine Microscopic Surgical Facilities
Spine Microscopic Surgical Facilities
Microscopic Cervical Spine Surgery
Microscopic Thoracic Spine Surgery
Microscopic Lumbar Spine Surgery

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News & Events

 Dr. Pradyumna Pai Raiturkar spine specialist was invited as a guest speaker for cadaver workshop on endoscopic procedures in Spine surgery organised by Thai Society of Minimally invasive spine surgery held in Bangkok's prestigious Chula University skills lab. This programme was organised by Prof Srirom Pornpovit and Dr Akarawit Asawasaksakul from Thailand.
Published on: 19/01/2017


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Pai Raiturkar Spine Clinic
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